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Ghost Computer Service Update regarding the Microsoft Windows Upgrade from 7 to 10

May 26th, 2016
You may have already seen the news, however as you trusted IT Support provider we want to keep you in the know…
BBC released information yesterday about the latest move from Microsoft which at face value forces you to you your Windows 7 Operating System the the latest Windows 10 version. 
The notification box appears as normal. However if you close the notification box using the ‘X’ in the top right hand corner, the notification disappears but the update takes place when you next reboot your machine regardless if you wish to do so or not. Essentially you are agreeing to the scheduled update as opposed to closing the notification which has been the case in the past.
Brad Chacos, senior editor at the PC World website, described it as a “nasty trick”.

“Deploying these dirty tricks only frustrates long-time Windows users who have very valid reasons to stick with operating systems they already know and love,” he wrote.

There is a way to avoid this update, simply click OK which will take you to the next screen, which then allows you to schedule the update for another time or not at all.
For more coverage information, click on the BBC Link below…
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