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How to set up a Exchange account in Microsoft Outlook 2013

This article will guide you through configuring your email on Outlook 2013.

The first step to set up your emails is to open your start menu and select Control Panel (on Windows 8/10, just type ‘Control Panel’)


Next, click the search box on the top right and type mail, and then click on Mail (32-bit)


Once you’ve clicked on that, click on ‘E-mail Accounts…’


Once in the Account Settings click New to add a new Email account.


Tick the box named E-mail Account and click Next >.


On the Auto Account Setup select the option Manual setup or additional server types then click Next >


On the next screen select the type of account you are setting up, in this article we are setting up an POP account, so select Microsoft Exchange or compatible device from the list and click Next >


Next we need to enter our server settings as follows:

  • Server name –
  • User Name – This would be provided for you in the email sent to you (the username required would most likely be the email address that you were provided)

Once you have entered your details click Next >


Next, just click Finish to complete the setup and then open Outlook.


You will get prompted with a credentials box that looks like this, where you will need to enter your email address and password that would be provided for you. Make sure you tick ‘Remember my credentials’ then click OK.


Your email account is now setup! Please allow time for your folders to populate.